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Burnett Medical Centre Renovations

Our patients, visitors and residents of Bundaberg, Qld, would have seen the make over BMC has been involved in.
It commenced in November 2015 with the extensions to the building to include two purpose built GP Registrar training rooms and an extended rear waiting room area.

The works were partly funded by a Federal Health Rural Medical Training initiative and Burnett Medical Centre.

BMC employed the services of local tradesmen and suppliers during the renovations to ensure that we supported the local economy and to foster better relationships with our own community.

Disability Access

The second stage was the exterior access to the practice for people living with a disability.

BMC recognised the large, heavy push/pull door was a barrier to the disabled, as well the front path with its lack of handrails.

We addressed these by providing hand rail access, including an all-weather undercover pathway.

This pathway also leads to an outdoor waiting area for our patients living with a mental health issue that makes sitting in a waiting room very constrictive.

You are very welcome to book in at the front desk and reception and then wait outside if you choose. But please remember to inform our reception where you are for when your doctor is ready to see you.

The additional access, by means of a double-width automatic opening door, compliments the other disabled access improvements made.

Street Appeal

The final stage was updating our streetscape.

Since the mid 1920’s the building has seen many changes.

From a two-storey Queenslander, with doctors residence above and medical practice below, including an open-to-the-elements waiting area; to the 1990’s when the building scaled down to a one storey building with more modern fixtures and comfort for our patients and staff.

Come 2017, the building has been transformed, giving the old girl a whole new face lift.

Old Streetscape

New Streetscape