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Prescription Policy

For S8 medications, blood pressure, contraceptive or other medications that do require a doctor consult prior to prescribing, please book online or phone our practice to arrange a visit with your usual GP.

It is preferred to phone a few days before your prescription is running out so that we can accommodate your needs, but should you find you require medication today, our staff will do their best to fit you in.

Please be aware, as your appointment is an ‘extra’, this visit will only be able to deal with your medication and should you also require a review, a follow up appointment may be required.

Should you require prescriptions for someone else, an Enduring Power Attorney (EPOA) must be in place in the patients file in order for this to occur.

Repeat Prescriptions

Many medications do require a doctor consult in order to ensure the medication is still your best form of therapy.

You will be advised by our staff if this is the case. They do so to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.


Phone Scripts

For medication that does fall into the Prescription policy above and you find you do not have time to attend the Script clinic then you may phone and request a script.

There is a script handling fee payable, which is non refundable by Medicare.

Please discuss with our staff on 07 4151 2608.