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Chronic Disease Plans

chronic health care

Chronic Disease Management Plan


Burnett Medical Centre participates in holistic patient health care management. BMC has qualified nurses and doctors to assist you with being in control of your health and lifestyle options. BMC is a supporter of the Federal Government initiative GPMP and TCA plans.

If you have a chronic medical condition you may get Medicare benefits for allied health services to help manage your condition.

Chronic medical conditions

Your BMC visit first commences with seeing your nurse, whereby the nurse will take a full health profile, perhaps conducts some tests such as weight, height, blood sugar levels, vision etc.

Questions will be asked such as your diet, lifestyle choices and more to compile a health profile, before discussing a management plan tailored to suit your needs. The nurse may also recommend allied health, such as podiatrist, diabetes educator, phsyio etc to be involved in a Team Care Arrangement.

Once these plans are in place, you will be able access visits to allied health and most or all of the costs will be bulk billed under Medicare.

For our patients that are on Concession Cards, BMC will bulk bill your GPMP/TCA, if you are not a CC holder, there will be a very small out of pocket cost incurred, our staff will inform of you of the amount, but considering the costs to see allied health for those without private health cover, the small fee is counteracted by being able to afford to access allied health professional under Medicare.

The nurse visit generally takes 50 minutes, followed by a consultation with your usual GP whereby they will tailor the plan for your specific health care needs. Once the plan has been billed, Medicare is notified that you are now eligible to received Medicare funded allied health access.

The GPMP is also very helpful for other health care professionals. Please feel free to ask for a copy of your plan for you to bring along to further external health care providers.

What is a chronic disease?

A medical condition is chronic if you’ve had it for at least 6 months or it’s terminal.

Who can get a management plan

If you have a chronic medical condition you can get a management plan from your doctor.

Types of Management Plans

There are 2 types of management plans:

  • a GP management plan, and
  • a team care arrangement plan

If you’re eligible and your nurse and doctor prepares both of these plans, you may get medical benefits for specific allied health services. For example, physiotherapy services.

GP Management Plan

This is an agreed action plan between you and your GP. It identifies your health care needs, sets out the services your GP provides, and lists what you need to do.

Team Care Arrangement Plan

You’ll get a team care arrangement plan if you need treatment from your doctor and at least 2 other health professionals.
The treatment must relate to your medical condition.

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